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Cotton Classics (Now and Then)

Hear and see Liz's collection of antique quilts, along with quilts pieced by Liz in the last 20 years. The fun has been in finding and collecting these wonderful pieces.  Liz's love of bargains, thrift stores and antique shops has helped her to collect a wide array of quilts.  She presents her lecture dressed in vintage clothing, too!

Ready or Not: Here Comes Red!

Dressed in vintage clothing, Liz will share her collection of linens and pieces of redwork embroidery with you. Learn about the history and trivia of these needlework objects, and see old leaflets, sewing notions and advertising items, too.

A Fabric Journey

Learn how a fabric line is put together, from beginning to end.  Liz will tell how she and fellow quilter Terry Atkinson were lucky enough to have a chance to design a line of fabrics.  From crayons to fabric, it is an adventure!  Quilts created with these fabrics will be shown.

Nearly Insane

Join liz as she relates her story of recreating the Salinda Rupp 1870's quilt.  This special quilt has 98 tiny six inch blocks. All the blocks are different, and some contain 200 or more pieces. Talk about crazy! See the quilt, along with others from the sime time period

All lectures are about 1 hour long.  Contact us for more information, or to schedule a lecture in your area.

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