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Here's Liz as featured in her hometown newspaper, the East Troy News, on April 23, 2003

I was born and raised in Burlington, a small town in Wisconsin, in the 1950's.  It's still a small town today.  We were brought up Catholic, and even the Lutherans were suspect in those days!

I always loved anything to do with color and design. I made doll clothes and started sewing at a pretty early age.  I remember how excited I was to be going to high school in 1965, because they had Home Ec classes, only to have the school district discontinue them that year, because they figured we were college bound and didn't need Home Ec any more.  I took four years of art classes instead, which meant I was working with color, but not with fabric.

I never did get to college anyway. I was way too interested in starting the living part of life, and by the time I was 22, I was married with 2 children.  As a stay at home mom, I did the nesting thing. I made curains, chair covers, and sewed lots of clothing.  I made my first quilt around 1970. It was just squares of indeterminate mystery fabrics, sewed together and tied with fuzzy yarn. I continued to take community education classes, including needlepoint, upholstery, macrame, cross-stitch, but it wasn't until 1981 that I signed up for a quilting class. 

Having tried and enjoyed all those other crafts, I knew that quilting and I were a perfect fit.  With all the fire and energy of a new convert, I jumped into quilting whole hog, and I had to find a way to support my habit! I began sewing for hire, first for my quilt instructor, and later for my sister. In 1990, I entered the Walworth County fair, and won a first place ribbon.  That gave me the confidence to join a quilt guild, where I met other people like myself who just loved quilting.  It has been over twenty years now, and I still can't get enough of it. 

Life is a series of never-ending steps.  I am a firm believer in fate, but also in following your heart, listening to your inner voice, and trusting yourself.  I made a life-long friend in that quilt guild when I met Terry Atkinson.  We got to know each other while serving on guild committees together.  We quickly found that we had a lot in common, and that our skills worked well together, and we complemented one another.  On a whim, we decided to put our skills together and make some projects to sell at craft shows. I think our first one netted us something like $100. We wer in business!  For several years, we worked the craft show circuit in Wisconsin, and we also did custom work and home parties with our quilting.

When Terry moved to Minnesota, I carried on as an independent craftswoman, until my sister and I opened our quilt shop, the Quilt Emporium in East Troy WI.  As the store grew, so did our customers' interest in quilting classes.  When I saw the Salinda Rupp quilt in an old out-of-print book, I knew it would make a great continuing class project, so I picked it up and ran with it, and the "Nearly Insane" project was born.

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